tsumea is back


Ok, well that update didn't go quite as smoothly as I had hoped!

Without boring you with all the details, there was a whole lot that didn't get updated or migrated over properly, so a crazy lot of database update queries and mind numbing manual work was needed just to get the site back to where it is now.

There's still a whole bunch of things left to do - the media section needs to be migrated and things look a bit broken in places (webkit browser users (Chrome and Safari) will notice that the sponsor jobs listing is pretty elongated), but I'm working on it. I wanted to get things back in reasonable working order.

I'll be fixing things up as much as I can over the next few weeks, but if you come across anything that's glaringly broken, please do let me know here. Thanks!


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So I noticed a lack of any bot comment spam and took it as a sign that the comments weren't working at all. I did a quick check and it looks like the action / trigger procedure of capturing most of the comment spam was breaking the comments area.

I've disabled that and the comments area is now work again, although we're gonna have to depend soley on Google's recaptcha to weed out bot spam.

Other things that are broken are the new user registration - if you are having difficulties, please contact me at http://www.tsumea.com/contact with your username and I will activate your account for you.