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Brisbane 3D artist wows gamers with Starcraft fan-art


So, a guy named Adam posted his friend's latest Starcraft fan-art work onto social news website, Reddit, as well as Kotaku, and it seems a whole lot of fresh new eyes are checking out some of the incredible 3D work by this talented Brisbane-based artist, Mike Andrew Nash.

Adam has weighed in on how much he is in awe of Mike's effort on this latest piece...

What made this piece so impressive for me was that he managed to achieve a level of detail and polish that you usually only see from film studios. Talking with him about it, this piece was a real feat of endurance for him. Just rendering each frame took around 7 hours on his very powerful computer. All the details you see--the scratches, dust, trim, rivets, wires etc.--were painstakingly modeled and textured over countless hours. As a fellow CG artist, seeing a work like this is both inspiring and frankly, rather intimidating.

When I checked out Mike's gallery, it looked awfully familiar - I was certain I had seen this stuff before. A quick search on tsumea led to Mike's post in our forum a year ago where he was promoting his work and putting himself up for any freelance work. He's done some phenomenally awesome work and he's certainly a talented chap, and I'm sure he's probably getting a whole lot interest since this explosion of exposure, but if you're after an extraordinarily talented modeller/texture artist for some work, check his gallery out...