Video of The Avengers game, by THQ Studio Australia, makes brief appearance


Well, I guess you had to be fairly quick to see this. Not long after word had spread that there was a 1 minute and 20 second long video showing off some animation from THQ Studio Australia's The Avengers game was up on the internets, Marvel Entertainment stepped in and pulled it offline. The footage apparently showed off Thor, Captain America and Hawkeye in action and was uploaded as an animation showcase by a former senior animator from the Brisbane studio.

The content was initially spotted at, and since the video is gone, have kindly placed up a bunch of stills from it which shows off some pretty cool game assets. The site also refers to the Linkedin details of a former QA tester as confirmation that The Avengers game which was planned for a PS3, Xbox 360 & PC release is indeed cancelled.

Check out the artwork from the link below!!