Sidhe's Rugby Challenge announced for Console and PC


Rugby Union fans will be delighted to hear that Sidhe have been working on a game of their favourite sport with a release date to coincide with the 2011 Rugby World Cup which is being held in New Zealand next year. Announced today, Rugby Challenge will include a whole range of licensed teams and competitions, online multiplayer functionality, dynamic real-time commentary, and various player customisations. It's coming out for console and PC in Q3, 2011.

For those interested in finding out more, have some additional details on Rugby Challenge. Sidhe, who are well versed in producing Rugby League games, are upping the technology and feature ante for Rugby Challenge, promising a big boost in visual fidelity for the game including highly detailed stadiums, hundreds of hand-modelled player likenesses, realistic animation, post effects, and more. Read the NZGamer article here. also have an article on Rugby Challenge here.

(Press release)

Home Entertainment Suppliers Pty Ltd (HES) announced today the development of Rugby Challenge for console and PC, by Wellington based games developer Sidhe. The rugby union based title seeks to capture the attention of a growing number of rugby fans around the world.

“HES has a strong history of publishing sports based videogames” said David Robles, Business Development Manager for HES. “The sport of rugby is a great fit for us to build on that foundation, and we are excited by the long term potential for it as part of our growing portfolio”.

Rugby Challenge will include the All Blacks, ITM Cup, and Investec Super Rugby amongst other licensed teams and competitions, and will feature multiplayer online play, a multi-year franchise mode, extensive customisation options, and dynamic real-time commentary.

New Zealand Rugby Union Commercial Manager Paul Dalton said they were delighted to be able to put their support behind Rugby Challenge. “We are very excited to be able to now offer fans an authentic gaming experience that includes our key competitions,” he said.

“After achieving success with other sports videogames, we are extremely proud to be taking on the national sport of New Zealand” said Mario Wynands, Managing Director of Sidhe, “This is an exciting time for rugby both within New Zealand and internationally, and it is fantastic to be a part of that”.

Rugby Challenge will release for console and PC in Q3 2011.