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Somebody give me some words of wisdom


Let me start by saying I'm not feeling down about my-self. Basically I really need to hear some advice on how to pull my shit together, in life and also to try harder at things(Mainly modelling) I tend to put things off saying "aaahh fuck it". so if anyone has any inspiring words that may have helped them, or even a lecture, write it down here for me to read. and plus this forum neede a new disscussion topic.

Lead paint: delicious but deadly!

Submitted by MajorPain on Tue, 02/07/02 - 6:47 PM Permalink


Give us a little info on yourself first, do you make games for a living? or do you just like to hack about at home?

Maybe try helping out a mod team, polycount often has people looking for team members to help with mods.

Born to create

Submitted by Bunny on Tue, 02/07/02 - 8:58 PM Permalink

Motivation is a tricky one and not always something others can help you with - you have to want to get off your arse yourself. My motivation was that a) I love games and b) I was sick of living below the poverty line. ;)

Mods are a great way to get experience in all areas. I got most of my experience and understanding of the industry building a total conversion of UT while I was at the AIE. I can't recommend polycount enough. Hang out on IRC and the message boards, even if you don't post there's a lot to be learned from the boys and girls there.

If you're keen and you've got a bit of cash get yourself to the Australian Game Developers Conference in Melbourne, at the beginning of November. Meeting people in the industry and seeing the cool stuff they get up to is not only motivational, it's a hell of a lot of fun.

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Everybody goes through bouts of depression, and Bunny's right, you have to try and motivate yourself.. I usually set a goal or something I want to achieve when I set out to do something. It's one way of getting things done. If the goal is pretty big, then do it one step at a time, and eventually you'll get there.
And about trying harder - I know it sounds so cliche (an old Bank commercial had a blurb which said it, and even a stupid chatline service too), but it's so true. 'Life is what you make it'. you can sit back and let things happen, or you can make it happen..

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hey thanks guys. Well anyway I joined a mod but i'am in way over my head at the moment, so I dont make games for a living, All of you are right. I think I need to go through small steps first.

The agdc sounds like a good idea as well:)

Lead paint: delicious but deadly!

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and stay away from that lead paint.