Cant Update my profile ?


Hey Souri,

I get an error message popping up saying I dont have access / privilages to change my profile.

Any ideas ? I could screencapture unless its something easy im missing? Ive disabled all firewalls, and enabled all cookies in browser - still the same.

Any ideas??

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Just Figured out its when i attempt to change the birthdate....

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There are better ways to feel younger mate. ;)Malus2007-05-03 04:52:47

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LOL - smartass!

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Yeh, there've been a few niggles with with this forum software discovered since it was implemented a while ago. Some people have problems registering for some reason as well. If you have problems registering or changing your birthdate, feel free to PM me with your desired changes, or send me a message via the Sumea contact form if you can't register. Make sure you write your desired login and password.

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I sometimes get that error msg when I'm trying to haxzor my profile. I would like to De-cap my user name is that possible? dam sh*ty caps!

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I've changed it for you. Sorry for the forum problems, hopefully it'll be sorted out soon.

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thank you for de-caping me!