pssst. new around here, wassup, where is the cool game industry discussion? what are the most active forums around here etc, cheers

Glenn "Gaffer" Fiedler | Senior Programmer | Irrational Games

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Hi there. Welcome. The most active forum is probably the general, the Australian industry forum has been getting more popular lately as well.

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ive only been a member myself for like a day..but 'general' ofcourse seems to have the most action.

at the moment there is a bit of action concerning these two threads:

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There isn't much game industry chat from those IN the industry in the forums, which is a bit unfortunate. I know there's a fair few lurking, but you developers are a pretty shy bunch [:)]

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just wondering where the developers chat is then, cos aint what it used to be, i can tell you... :)

Glenn "Gaffer" Fiedler | Senior Programmer | Irrational Games

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Theres a programmers forum...might eb what you're looking for.
CYer, Blitz

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As it turns out, none of us are out-spoken enough to create large flame wars (often confused with healthy discussion) :)
I would imagine though that if there was any discussion, it would be in the oz games industry forum, or the general chat, which is often about games anyway, because we can't spend too much time talking about the weather.

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How about that weather though?

*looks out to the sunny Canberra landscape and nods approvingly*

Chris Bowden

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Thats a bit insensitive.
We are in the middle of a massive drought after all

It is infact ants who are the true rulers of this world!!!

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Insensitive? I don't see it that way. Just being of the positive mind. @:-)

Chris Bowden

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Ive been a member for a while now used be known as happy_virus but had to change my username to dark_virus_2007 as my old one is longer working :(

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i hope my username is showing up

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ok it only seems to show up on my old PC,cant seem to login from my new one.

On my other PC it seems to state me as anonymous and I figure it has to do with the firewall Im using.