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UDK Programmer wish list

Posted by Meremortal on Tue, 06/03/12 - 10:27 PM


Our team will be seeking a programmer to join us in a cupla months or so after we get some more gameplay sorted using kismet and also build on our levels and assets. What I would ask is what is a programmer who has skills using the unreal engine looking for to take a leap joining an indie team with no actual funding ! We are 2 very keen, and very experienced game developers, having over 17 collective years working locally and overseas. Both of us have been involved in game development and level design since the early days of Quake and Unreal and you guessed right our game is shooter based.
We would hope to gain the interest of someone who is into the Unreal engine and UDK to help develop our first title for IOS and beyond that. Making a commitment early would ensure equal share in our startup company and that is all that can be offered as we are developing while we hold 'real' jobs so to speak. This would also allow your input into the game design itself which has already been through some changes as we try and modify our ideas as we discuss what is for the best. We are in no real rush, but we also don't want to wait until the passing of Nibiru to release our first game. you need to see a 76 page game design document ? A working prototype ? A chat over a few beers at some reasonably priced pub a few k's north of Brisbane ?

Submitted by Meremortal on Sat, 17/03/12 - 8:41 PM Permalink

Actually the 76 page design doc ain't gona happen, but the Ipad prototype is coming along nicely and those cupla beers at aforementioned pub is on the table for a programmer with unreal engine experience interested in coming onboard in the early stages of development. We are getting closer to moving into building the game levels as the gameplay becomes more obvious and settled. We would consider working remotely with someone outside the Brisbane area but the beers might have to wait...Email me.

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I'd like to show mere mortal games 'promo' video I've created to introduce you to the game I'm making. It includes the plot and also some game-play footage. Very interested to hear from a programmer who is interested in joining the team, preferably with Unreal engine experience and from the Brisbane area although I'm prepared to consider working remotely with the right people.…