Idea for extension to Sumea


How about a javachat applet?
Could be subdivided into
channels with similar topics
to the forums. Your thoughts?

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We already have a java IRC chat applet happening [url=""]here[/url]. You could make it so you can select different channels etc, but I think we have enough problem filling in the main room with people [;)]

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Hmm my forum password doesn't work on other parts of Sumea, including
this java applet. Grumble.

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As far as I know thats because they have nothing to do with each other. the main Sumea part has your password for your profile on Sumea. When as the Forum is connected to Sumea but is just adding to it so you need another password. As for the Chat it is linked to IRC again linking to somewhere else so that needs a different password again.

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Yeh, the forum is a seperate thing with its own database, that's why you need another password for it. I didn't develope the forum, however, I could've developed Sumea around it so that you only need one login detail, but I didn't want to risk depending on it in case the forum died development wise and I'd have to switch etc
The IRC applet just puts you onto an IRC server, and like the text says, you don't need a password entry for that at all. The IRC server has some functions where you can register your nick and tie a password to it, in case you don't want anyone else using your nick. You can leave the password textfield blank if you haven't registered your nick and still get on #sumea.

If passwords are annoying, you should just get Firefox to remember them all for you. I have tonnes of passwords and login details for lots of websites, but I haven't had to type any of it in apart from the first time. Firefox can store it and paste it in the fields for you everytime you visit the site. It's quite handy!

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IE can do this too i believe, but i wouldn't use it, feels to risky to have my passwords stored anywhere other than inside my head :P
CYer, Blitz