Bug in journals entries with lots of links


Hey, I've noticed that in the journals bit that if you write a post with multiple links in it then they get munged on the 'view comments' page.

ie: [url="http://www.sumea.com.au/sprofilepic.asp?p=A&news=1708"]This one about the new journal styles[/url] is different on [url="http://www.sumea.com.au/sprofile.asp?member=444"]my ugly red coloured journal page[/url] to the nice blue 'view comments' page.

My wild-ars*d-guess is that the code to parse...
[code][L]www.website.com[L2]first link[/L] unlinked text [L]www.website.com[L2]second link[/L][/code]
...is being too greedy with it's match (and is matching from the first [L] to the last [/L]).

If you're using [url="http://www.regular-expressions.info/reference.html"]regular expressions[/url] then you need to convert your '*' to a '*?'.

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Whoops. Yeh, I was missing a closing bracket there which caused some trouble. All fixed, thanks.