Avatars not uploading


Hey Souri,

Having an issue with uploading new avatars to my profile, I browse to the file and click upload then I get a screen saying it's not a jpeg or that the file is empty, is there some sort of naming format for the file? It's definitely a jpeg, and I've tried other files, not sure what to do next.

Thanks in advance.

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What browser are you using?

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Mozilla Firefox, but if that's what's causing it I can easily use IE just to upload a couple of pics, I'll try it out.

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Hooray! thanks Souri, all fixed, although it's probably given you something to worry over now with Firefox integration.

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Yeh [:(]. Trust me, no one wants the upload function to work more on Firefox than me. I ditched using Internet Explorer as my primary web prowser a few months ago (only using it to check html/css compatibility on this site when I'm updating).

Firefox is incredible. It's got some very nice skins and many extensions which I simply cannot browse without now. If you haven't tried out Firefox yet, you're nuts!

As for the upload problem, I think I mentioned somewhere else, I don't think there's much I can do atm other than looking into another upload component.