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I didn't go.. But...

Career Achievement Award - John De Margheriti, Micro Fort?

You've gotta be fucking kidding me!!

Bigworld is virtually vapour-ware, while MF has had periods of massive growth, followed by massive layoffs. The whole thing reeks of bad decisions from the top of the company..

It should have gone to John Passfield or John Chey, or one of the many other people worthy of the honour... As far as I can tell, both Krome and Irrational have grown solidly - without the need for mass layoffs, not to mention actually releasing their titles on schedule.

Oddly enough I suggested the award should have been given to HazarD (a QANTM grad who has done rather well at creating a No Bullshit (tm) games company) instead.

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You can't write the word fuck in vote/news/games comments. I've had to put that in to stem the amount of offensive flaming in the comment areas.

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Fair enough.