just a note souri


i was at the calender page (http://www.sumea.com.au/scalendar.asp) and noticed that text to the left of the calender was disapearing behind it. The amount visible also differed on the size of the IE window. Just thought ud like to know

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Yeh, I put that calendar in an iframe which is placed in an exact location, so it'll stay at that exact spot no matter what screen resolution/browser size. It looks normal at 1024x768 mode, but it'll probably look funny on other screen modes. WIll look into a more elegant solution later [:)]

btw, if anyone has sent me an email, press release, job ad or anything lately, I won't have time to respond until later in the week. I'm at an internet cafe, and I can't remember my darn password for email. Waiting for the phone connection at my new place.

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oops, "sumea news archive" button at the bottom of main page is a dead link (link url goes to "http://www.sumea.com.au/snewsearch.asp")

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I have no idea why that page disappeared.. Re-uploaded.