Private Messaging on Forums?


Does the Sumea forum have the ability to PM members instead of emailing them? So each member has an inbox in their profile type thing?

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nope, its cause this is a snitz forum

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d'oh. Thanks for the reply

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I'll see if there's a modification so you can do that.. Will have to look into it when I get phone access back at my new place.

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Sweeet. Just thought it would be a cool idea if ppl were online (not in chat) and would like to speak to a member that's online :)

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I've just put private messages up for the forum. You can send each other private messages now! At the moment it seems to be stuffing up the forum memberlist search (which I'll try and get fixed), but private messaging works! You get an inbox, you can set your preferences etc

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That;s sweet, top job souri!

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Ok, that little problem is fixed, and all works perfectly now. [:)]

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Thanks for adding that in Souri. It is very handy :D

Would you be able to add the option of having a popup great you when you have new messages though?

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Sounds like a good idea.. I'll have a look into it.