member listing on main site


just wondering how the member lists are manges on the main site (the mapper/modeller/2D Artist/Coder pages).

Because Ive noticed Im not on the list unless I go to look at the entire member list.

Is it becuase Ive been lazy and havent made a journal entry for a while?
(i deleted my entries after they went off the really no journal entries actually)

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From the [url=""]Sumea FAQ page[/url]..

**note, if you have a new member account, you should upload some of your work in your journal. This way, your name gets listed on the section pages, rather than the "the rest of the memberlist" page. The "rest of the memberlist" page is for the slackers who don't upload any work. (Coders have to write at least one journal entry to push out of the slacker page [:)]