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So who's got an entry?

Posted by Daemin on Wed, 10/12/08 - 6:14 PM

With so few days remaining I'm wondering who here has actually developed an entry worth submitting?

I myself am kind of doubtful if I'll get mine finished in time, as I only really started working on it solidly about two weeks ago.

And so far I've only seen Manix's work, so does anyone else have an entry that would be ready by the (new) deadline?

Submitted by StephenWade on Wed, 10/12/08 - 6:42 PM Permalink


unfortunately i have been faaaaaaaar too busy, exams, thesis, research projects.

I won't be entering in spite of my best intentions :( I did come up with some ideas though that I might write up and make a demo out of to put up sometime this summer

Submitted by Helo on Thu, 11/12/08 - 1:43 PM Permalink

Unfortunately I didn't have time

Submitted by Manix on Fri, 12/12/08 - 2:19 PM Permalink

Yeah, I've got an entry but have been lazy over the last month so probably won't get everything that I wanted working, but gezzz, you learn a lot doing these kind of things.

Submitted by Daemin on Mon, 15/12/08 - 6:27 PM Permalink

Okay, so I've decided that I don't have enough time to complete an entry now. I gave it a good shot but three weeks (of about 12-16 hour days) was not enough time to create an game engine/framework and a game with interesting AI.

I did manage to create a decent game engine (fairly no frills though), and I learnt/refreshed a lot of mathematics that I hadn't used for a while.

So I'll write about the experience on my blog ( and I'll be building a proper game with what I've got now.

Good luck to the remaining entrants!

Submitted by StephenWade on Mon, 15/12/08 - 6:51 PM Permalink


I really wish I had done something for this, every programming contest ever suffers from a lack of entries :(

Submitted by Mitsukai on Tue, 16/12/08 - 2:49 AM Permalink

but i only saw it 2 weeks ago and have been really busy (not to mention 2 weeks prolly wasnt long enough so even though i started work on an entry it would never have been done in time =)

I will keep on eye on this site for future contests XD since it sounds like a lot of fun

but i must mention that starting it in september does seem like a bad time of year (exams anyone? :O)

-queries possibility of extension until end of january? :P!!!-