Team Dream Build Play 2011

Anyone in Sydney Souri / Bittman - who wants to work on a Dream Build Play entry for 2011 I'm keen to get going on it - looks like 2 starters at the moment it's just for fun.

I'll post some shots of my 2007 entry and our progress here as we go along.

Mainly FBX art assets and XNA Visual Studio C# games creation.

Maya 2011
Motion Builder 2011
Poser 2008
Daz 3D Studio
Daz 3D Assets under their new Game Developers Licensing at Daz
Daz 3D to FBX
Corel PaintShop

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Sounds great, but unfortunately, I'm way too busy with a few things I need to get done which will keep me busy for the next few months.

If you look at the Groups page on tsumea, you can see that I'm trying to make that page more useful for indies to collaborate together. I haven't actually announced it yet, but if you want to be a test guinee pig and try it out, you're more than welcomed to.

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i really want to join in with this but ive only just started learning how to model using animation programs and only have a basic idea of how to code == maybe in 3 years time ^^

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I might well be preparing an entry, though I need to look through my schedule and hear back regarding possible other commitments. Certainly good to see people with an interest though.

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Anyone???? Only two months to go - I'm buying the models :)