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Mere Mortal Games seeking Programmer (Royalty)


Our game DWD needs help to complete. We are looking for someone who has UnrealScript experience or someone who is keen to dive in. DWD is well advanced and playable though some existing features need fine tuning and tweaking. If your are keen and can commit a day or 2 a week consistanly, after some initial discussion we can prepare a current build for you to try on an iPad2 or similar before you make a decision. Please contact me at or through the website. Hope to hear from you.

Submitted by Meremortal on Sat, 12/01/13 - 4:22 PM Permalink

Although we can only offer a royalty agreement we are confident that if you do have experience and can comitt the time you will be convinced when you play our current build that although iOS dev is always a risk, our game is a good bet.