Paint Chat request


One thing I'd absolutely love for sumea is a paint chat style channel -- eg a chat and graffiti board to draw and scribble on with other people in real time.

Examples: <---really good one

home of that one is: , multilingual chat example here:

etc etc

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Ok, that Paintchat thing rocks... I've downloaded the java applet, but I can't find any english instructions anywhere.. As soon as I figure it out, I'll put it up on Sumea...

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You know what cheeses me off? When I spend hours and hours trying to get this applet to work, searching the web and finding nothing, modifying, editing, moving around the applet files, and then I find out that they won't work on Sumea because the server's been configured not to run servlets. [:(!] I have to send an email to technical support to switch it on, and then *hopefully* we're in business...

I've been mucking a little on other paintchats and it's extremely fun.. [:)]

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Ok, I can't run servlets on the server with this hosting plan... [:P]
There's an alternate way to run it and that's to have my own computer be the server, but that won't work either because I'm behind a router. [:o)]

I'd love to have it running, but unfortunately the only option is to either have someone else with a broadband connection to be a server and leave it up all the time, or I pay for dedicated server (damn expensive).

Or someone can donate a dedicated server.. [B)]

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I have an old Athlon 1.4 with Mobo and 512mb RAM lying around (parents just upgraded as they didnt like the noise :p). It is yours if you want it, but it does heat up a bit with the heatsink and fan that is on it. You would have to have the other parts though.

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Thanks for the offer, but I also need it to be connected to the net/serve PaintChat [:D]

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Fine... away with you... just don't come back later on. That's all I'm saying (he really needs to make new eps of that show) :D Offer stands for anyone else. $10, and it is all yours.

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Actually, I might do... what state do you live in again?

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ACT. If it for you, just cover the postage. If I have to take it to Revolve to get rid of it, then it will cost me money :/ I would set it up as part of a render farm, but I don't have the room or the money or licences. Tell the truth, I think I have parts to actually make a whole new computer (bar hdd). PM me if you are interested, and I'll have a look.

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Could you post it to me, and I'll pay what it costs for shipping/packaging to you via money order?

btw, regarding the paint chat - my shared internet connection with router is borked, so I'll have to pay for Telstra cable.. which means I *should* be able to host Sumea paintchat on my 2nd computer with those parts. It's gonna be heaps fun [:)]

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Aven - you know, some people around here would think an Athlon 1.4 with 512mb RAM isn't all that bad.. hmm, maybe it's time to upgrade the old P4 2.4, 512mb...
..well, it may not run doom3 very well, but with max4 it does the job! [:P]

Paint chat would be ace - just as long as everyone involved has a tablet! Real-time art with a mouse is not a pretty thing.

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just cause you have a tablet doesn't mean it's going to look pretty!

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hehe, true red... but it does mean you can indulge in many more levels of pressure sensitive ugly [;)]

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I've been mucking around with the applet and I've finally got it working (it's been kinda hard without English docs and all the buttons/labels/menus are in Japanese). Currently I'm serving it via localhost and testing it there, but when my internet cable is installed on Thursday, I'll put up Sumea Paintchat! It's gonna be awesome! It's a great way for people to polish on their drawing/painting skills, I reckon.

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ah crap, and me with my dodgy 4 by 5 tablet.... i can do better with mouse -_-