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Developer for paid research game project


Here's a little paid gig I heard about. Good for the wallet and good XP. Let me know if you take it up! From Annie Au-Yeung at UQ:

I'm seeking [multimedia designers] who would be interested in (paid work) developing an online fantasy sports game to be used in a large research project...As the project is still in its infancy, I'm afraid specs for the game have yet to be established. However, the head researcher of the project has indicated a preference for using fairly universally popular sports such as motor racing, basketball, and soccer; use of fictitious sportmen (to choose from to form 'fantasy team'); and building in fabricated statistics. Ideally, we'd like to run the game through a link online but are unsure of an appropriate platform - if possible, we'd like to host on the University of Queensland server.

I can be reached via email: