Freelance: Sound Design + Music for otherwise complete game


Note: This is a freelance off-site contract. You may work from wherever you please and will submit completed work via a temporary ftp account provided to you by Cheeky Mammoth. You should be available to begin work within two weeks (the sooner the better). There are two jobs here:

Job 1: Sound Effects for the entire game.
Job 2: Music composition for the entire game + promo.

You may apply for either or both of these jobs. There will be no preference given to those who apply for both, so don't let this deter you.

Job description

I represent Cheeky Mammoth Pty Ltd which is an Australian based startup games company focusing on the iPhone/iPad market. We have recently completed work on our first game, but, without an in-house sound effects artist or musician/composer, we are currently utilizing placeholder audio. The game's visual artwork looks very professional and we'd like for the audio to be equally impressive. We seek a skilled artist/s to replace our placeholder audio (some of which is good, but we do not own commercial rights to it).

The game is a 2D action game for the iPhone/iPod/iPad with a pirate theme. I understand that you will require specific details to give an exact quote, however, we are just looking for a rough estimate that will allow us to narrow down our search. If your estimate is within our expected price range, then we will seek a more specific quote based on the full requirements. Our main interest is to work with a great artist/s who consistently finishes what they start. However, budget restrictions apply to all, and we're no different.

The successful applicant/s will be given a description of each required piece of work and a sample from which to draw inspiration (where available). All submitted work must be your own original work. Below I will give an outline of the volume of work required, upon which you should make your initial quote:

Job 1: Sound Effects

  • < 2.5 secs long (eg A cannon firing): x34
  • < 5 secs long (eg An achievement gained): x10
  • < 10 secs long (eg A rain loop): x6
  • 30sec - 60sec (eg Tavern ambience): x10

Total: 60 sound effects.

Job 2: Music

  • Original compositions of roughly 60-90secs in length (no vocals): x3

Total: 3 music compositions.

Further Details

  • You should also provide a rough timeframe estimate for how long the entire job would take you to complete. This should be a quick estimate - we don't want you wasting time on a precise estimate only to discover that you didn't get the job.
  • There is no risk of this project not being completed. The game is fully functional and waiting only on some final graphical artwork and this audio art.
  • In the event that the selected candidate cannot complete the work, we will contact our next preferred applicant until we find an interested replacement.
  • If you complete the entire contract and we choose to use only your work in the game, you will receive full credit for the game's sound effects (this would be our ideal situation). The same would apply for the whomever completes the music (ie full credit for the game's music). If we use only a portion of your work and are forced to incorporate another artist's work to supplement your work, you will only receive partial credit. If we don't use any of your work, you will not receive any credit. None of this affects your payment, which is outlined in the terms of the contract.


The contract divides work up into different parcels/packages (although the music job has only one parcel). You will be paid upon completion of a parcel of artwork, so you do not have to go without income for the entire period of the contract. The regularity of payment rests with how timely you can complete work. Our preferred payment method is via PayPal. Your estimate should be what you would be happy with receiving for your work. We want a motivated person who feels that their input is valued and appreciated, but of course must balance that with normal budget constraints.

Email Application

  • Rough quote for work in USD.
  • Rough quote for time to complete work.
  • Example of your previous work (does not have to be commercial work). A link to your portfolio is best, but we will accept zipped portfolios of a reasonable size (~15MB or less).

Alternatively, if you don't have a portfolio of work, you can submit the following (depending on which job you are applying for):

For Job 1

Submit via email a short wav file of a cannon firing and a 30sec mp3 of a galleon sailing on the open seas. The waves can be heard intermittently buffeting the ship's bow. The boards of the ship creak as it sways back and forth. Everything is from the perspective of someone standing on the ship's deck.

For Job 2

Submit via email a 30sec mp3 of music you would expect to hear in a Tavern frequented by pirates circa 1600-1700.


Please contact us at with either "Job 1: SFX" or "Job 2: Music" or "Job 1+2: SFX + Music" in the title accordingly.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Paul McPhee


We're going to be accepting applications until 5pm on 16/06/2011. If you're working on samples to submit, it's best to get something in before that time.

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Hi Paul, sent you an email regarding this position, hope to hear back from you.


Mark Lavery

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Hello Paul.
I sent an email to you letting you know I'm interested.
Hope to hear back from you!

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