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Sphere algorithm help

Posted by valmo on Mon, 13/07/09 - 1:22 AM

Hey guys,

Im trying to create a sphere made with square panels. The panels are all equal size.

Like a soccer ball but with squares. the squares dont have to be touching and the can have gaps between them to see through the ball.

Can anyone help me with an algorithm to correctly place x amount of square panels to create a sphere?

Junks from my head so far...
draw from bottom to top
botttom and top of sphere have smallest radius and increase towards center
panels change angles change angles from top/and bottom 180 deg
particle system maybe

Submitted by redwyre on Wed, 15/07/09 - 6:10 PM Permalink

Are there any certain details about the number of panels that you can exploit? (eg, number of panels might always be a multiple of 4, etc)

This seems like something that would be very difficult to get "correct". I expect something that looks good is enough? What are you trying to do with this? More details would help to find a more appropriate solution, a picture would be good too :)

Submitted by valmo on Sat, 18/07/09 - 5:16 AM Permalink

actually i think what would help me is an algorithm for a soccer ball.
there are 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons in a normal soccer ball.
so 32 panels all up.
it would be good if i can make an x panel soccer ball.
x would probably have to be divisible by some number y.
so it would be good to know what y would be as well.

i could then just change these panels into a squares with gaps.