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This is just a thought, but it might be handy to have a feature on Sumea to search for members working at a particular dev company. Maybe in the profile there could be an employer field?

Has this already been mentioned, and what does everyone else think?

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Yeah this would be good. It also helps us know who is in the industry and who isn't, being able to see their work gives us an idea of the level we need to achieve in our respective portfolios.

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I think there are already enough fields in the profile for people to put that sort of information if they want to - bio, occupation, homepage, latest news etc. Most people have links to their websites which usually tell you who they currently work for in a CV or something. If you put in a field to search by, you sort of open it up to people who start pestering people from specific companies etc. This might tend to push people in the industry away from this site which would be a real shame.

Just my 2c


Kane's picture might be just a little too convenient for people to find out where you work...

oh well...just a suggestion...[:)]

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although I can see where you're coming from, I personally wouldn't like this for 3 reasons:

1)it's a little too close to home for people to "stalk" people with jobs. There's this really silly myth out there that people who have jobs in "The Industry" have achieved some holy grail which elevates them aboves other people, and you get this silly fanboyism; recognition and feedback for something you've made is always nice, but people harassing you daily is not cool.

2)As I noted above, this silly trend is a bad thing -- even worse is when it happens the other way around. When people who have a job get a bloated head and smother others in their ego. "I'm soooo cool, you suck, I'm cool!" egos make me quite sick. Although it's a small thing, this could perpetuate this mentality in these boards, which I don't think is a good thing. A little boys club isn't cool.

3)It could just as easily be used as a corporate headhunting tool. "Anyone who's worth anything has this box ticked, or works at x studio" -- that can very easily be abused.

anyways, just my 2 cents, but I think it makes way too much trouble in the end.

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that all makes perfect sense...thanks J.I. Styles

didn't really think about all that when I posted...[:p]

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I'd have to agree with JI.
Alot of people think because you work in the industry you are able to rain glorious jobs upon the needy, not the case, we generally do what were are told and have little or no sway with HR.

I'm sure most industry people have no problem helping people on Sumea, I enjoy it myself, its the countless emails to your work account that annoy. [:P]

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Hey, glad this got sorted. [:)]
There's already a field for the developer name in Sumea member profiles, but that's used for people who want to edit/write news etc on behalf of the developer. Yeh, it can be easily modifed and used for the purposes that Kane has mentioned, but if there's ever an implementation of that, it'll be a choice for the member to use or not.