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Site Bug: Profile avatar not working


In the edit profile page I upload and save my picture and it appears on that page (not at the top though). When I go to my profile page it fails to load the image and on the talent page it uses the default. Strangely my avatar seems to work here in the forums.
How do I contact support for this site?

Submitted by souri on Tue, 14/10/14 - 3:37 PM Permalink

The site caches different kinds of pages for different lengths of times to reduce how often the database is accessed which in turn makes the pages load much faster. So, the reason why you aren't seeing changes instantly is due the website caching its pages.

When you upload your picture, the editor where you upload it in will show it instantly since that's not being cached at all, and logically, there's no need for any form of caching there.

But to see the changes in you've made to your profile page - there's a 6 hour wait before the changes will appear on the site. For the talent page, your picture will show up after 1 hour.

There's a long wait for the changes to appear on profile pages particularly since users don't really change their own pictures/backgrounds that often (other than the first time), so it makes sense to store those pages for long periods. There are also many, many thousands of places where people's pictures are used, so it's wise to cache them stringently.

The talent lists gets updated more frequently since it's a only seven lists, and new people register often and make themselves listed there.. so a shorter caching period there is fine.

I know, it's a bit confusing from a user's point of view. There's a way to improve things slightly so it works how a user would expect things (upload and see results instantly everywhere on the site), but I'm a bit limited on how and where I can apply that with certain things on the site.