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Can someone please help me to make my first propper game?

Posted by siir65 on Sat, 15/06/13 - 8:40 PM

hi im new to game designing, ive worked with simple game making software like gamemaker but thats it, could somebody please help me out?

Submitted by pgiang on Thu, 20/06/13 - 3:26 PM Permalink

Hi siir65,

There are many game engines out there for you to get started, but I'll just name two that I really know well. If you want to make mobile games, Unity or Unity3d are good programs for that. The main difference is that Unity is for free and Unity 3d charges a fee. If you want to build a Console/PC game, Unreal Development kit (UDK) is a good tool for that, however you can still build it for mobile devices.

My advice to you is, if you want to build your "first proper game" have a lot of patience. When I first got my hands on these game programs, I got so excited to build my first game that I rushed it so I can play it. I can tell you that I never finished it because I skipped some tutorials I thought weren't necessary and I thought it was wasting my time, later on it was hard for me to move onto the advance stuff.

Learning how to program can unlock UDK's and Unity's full potential, so go pick up a C# book(for Unity) or watch/read internet resources about unreal Script. Making your first game can be your biggest hurdle, but once you get over it the ride becomes much smoother.

Good luck

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If you haven't read it already, I do highly recommend reading our article on making games without programming:

So if you want to make games without investing some serious time and jumping head-in into c# programming / UnrealScripting, then some of the programs/add-ons mentioned in that article will make your games-making progress much, much easier.

Submitted by Twisted Shield… on Wed, 13/11/13 - 6:30 PM Permalink

Hey siir65,

Firstly, it's great to see that you want to get into games development!

If you've had experience with Game Maker then you're already on your way to making your first game! Although some people tend to look down on Game Maker, I think it's a great place to start. I've heard 100 times that "your first 10 games will suck, so get them out of the way quickly". Although this might not be entirely true for everyone, making a handful of small, simple games will really teach you a lot about the processes of making a game, all the small details that can often be overlooked or taken for granted, and the importance of scope. You won't be able to build your dream game as your first project, but that doesn't mean you can't spend some time making a small 5-minute game the best it can be. You'll have a quick turn around time, and a solid base to start building your portfolio and collaborating with other developers. If Unity/UDK seem a little intimidating, stick with Game Maker until you feel comfortable making the switch, and once you understand more about what it takes to build a game (other than just art and code), you'll be on your way to start moving up to bigger projects.

Oh, and if you ever get stuck on a project, never be afraid to ask the community for help! We have an awesome game dev community here in Australia, and you'll quickly find that a lot of people are happy to give you a few minutes of their time to help you overcome problems that we've probably all faced in the past! :)

Edit: I just noticed that this thread is about 5 months old, haha! Hopefully the new changes to Tsumea will awaken the forums again! :)