Sumea Profile Jpeg Issue


Hi All,

I just wrote a large post and lost it all thanks to the fact that I didn't put my password in, then clicked 'Post New Topic' and was greeted with an error screen and a back button, on clicking it I found that my text was erased.... good times, maybe if the person who wrote the scripts for this site reads this post, they will shed a tear for me. I know I have cried for all the people who have suffered at the hands of my code.

Anywhose, I spent a bit of time working on some programmer art for a profile picture, but alas, I can't seem to be able to get it to upload as a valid jpeg. I have tried every setting I can find related to jpegs (standard/web optimized etc) and cannot satisfy the requirements of this mysterious jpeg uploader. Maybe someone can have a look at my .psd file and produce a valid 100x100 jpeg below 10k for me, because, for teh love of teh god, I cannot do it (who would have thought being an artist could be so hard [:p]).



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Yeh, the forum does that for some strange reason. Don't blame me, I have nothing to do with it [:)] I guess the valuable lesson here is to log in to the forum before making a post, or enter your username and password details if you're doing a quick reply.

As for the jpg, did you name it as .jpg or .jpeg?

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jpg is the default output from CS2, is that suffix bad?

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Here's the jpg I tried to upload

[img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img] Download Attachment: [url=""]10k.jpg[/url]
7.23 KB

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If you use the .jpg suffix, it should upload with no problem, no matter what browser you're using. What error message are you getting?

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Hi Souri,

That's the problem, there's no error message when I upload the jpg, it seems to work fine, but my profile jpg doesn't exist.


I'm clueless...

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Ok, I'm a grade a idiot. I had a typo on profile pages so nobody's avatar was showing up properly. You uploaded the files fine, the page was just not pointing to the right pic.

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You should be a programmer Souri, we get paid good money to make those kinds of mistakes [:D]

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hey, my avatar's not showing up on my page ( ) either - could it be the same bug?

page is trying to reference , which doesn't seem to exist.

...and is it possible to show our 'customised' journal colourscheme when linking in directly from the "latest journal entries" links on the front page ( link to ) instead of the default blue?

...and i'm thirsty - do something about that too please

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Ah yeh, it's the same typo [:X]

I've made a quick fix so that customised journals will show for journal posts without pictures.