Model pimping

Alright since I'm only a forum member at this site, I was wondering could I post pics of my work for criticism or do I have to sign up as a modeller, via e-mail, also if I were to post pics do I have to link to an outside web page or will they be uploaded to the site?

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You have to sign up via email.. send me your desired login name and password, and I'll set you up ... you get your own profile page/news section, and your pics are uploaded on the site..

If there is anyone else interested in being a news contributor/editor, give me a yell.. I've been a little busy the last week or so to be adding news.. a little help would be nice

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I wont sign up just yet, soon when I have a decent model

Lead paint: delicious but deadly!

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Heh Fluffy Catfood,,,cool name
hey sign up mate,,really is only going to be of benefit to you, Souri is undeniably a master of his craft and irrefutibly(spelling??)a great guy. Giving us all a fantastic showcase in this site, so go for it mate. Hope to see you here soon.


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Thanks Freeballin.. checque's in the mail .. FC, whenever you're ready, give me a yell