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Work in progress

Posted by FrEeB@LLiN on Mon, 17/06/02 - 10:07 AM

Ok people,
Hey its FrEeB@LLiN here,
Just to let people know that I havent forgotten about getting work done, at the moment I am compiling maps and getting some screenshots to tantalise taste buds, the current map I am working on will be ready to start testing in a coupla weeks, I actually had several pics here in my profile but removed them because the map made a sudden change and the pics were no longer relevant,,anyway take care all,,


Submitted by FrEeB@LLiN on Mon, 17/06/02 - 10:30 PM Permalink

Shots are up in the news in my profile, check em out, and hopefully enjoy


Submitted by souri on Tue, 18/06/02 - 2:19 AM Permalink

Excellant work, man.. great architecture. I reckon when you put in the details like paintings/statuettes/plants etc, it'll definately top it off.