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THQ Challenge Entry - StephenWade

Well I thought in keeping with the concept of half decent development I thought I would put up a small time-line and plan

Basic Concept :

Try to implement a 'herding' game. Rules should be very simple,

* Goal is to herd a large number of sheep into a pen
* Player interacts by giving commands to helpers (sheepdogs)
* Time is constrained

Timeline :

5th October

* 'Low-level' DirectX code governing device input and window to be completed.

* Basic prototype of the sheep flocking mechanism probably in Matlab, some kind of 'cellular automata'

* Full specification of rules of play

31 October

* Complete and tested sheep flocking mechanism, with good performance for up to 5000 sheep

* Prototyped 2D interface and 2D graphics

* Prototyped sheepdog AI, prototyped sheepdog command system

31 November

* Completed and tested 2D interface

* Completed and tested sheepdog AI and command system

Optional tasks

3D graphics, higher performance flocking and/or AI to scale the play to larger than 10,000 sheep and more sheepdogs