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Bouncer Boot Out: iPhone

Posted by Kim Allen on Wed, 19/01/11 - 1:06 PM

Let in the Rad! Boot Out the Bad!

Hi Everyone!

We are a Brisbane based studio that has our first iPhone game out on the App Store.
Take on the roll of a Bouncer at the door of the best clubs in Funky Town, and enjoy the power of booting out the bad, and the cheers of adoration when letting in the Rad!
Would love everyone to take a look at it and give us feedback!

The game can be found on itunes here
The link to the website is here

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Submitted by SLS on Fri, 04/03/11 - 7:08 PM Permalink

I had a lot of fun doing the music and fx for this game - fun game, and a great bunch of guys!