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THQ Challenge Entry - Helo

Posted by Helo on Fri, 19/09/08 - 5:41 PM

Hi all,
Just trying to thinking of an idea at the moment. Will post more when I have a solid idea.

Good luck to everyone.

Submitted by Helo on Wed, 24/09/08 - 12:17 AM Permalink

Ok so I think ive got the idea im going to go with.
Its a human vs AI war game where you control huge army's into battle. A lot of emphasis will be put towards group formations and tactics.
If time permits ill also put in some more advanced individual/unit behaviors to give them each different personalities.

The game in dot points:
*Each army will start at each end of the map.
*The terrain will vary so archers/snipers could take advantage of higher grounds.
*Formations can be as large(within the size of your army), or as small, as you like. Different formations include rectangular, defensive circles, triangles, etc.
*Tactics such as flanking and group dividing can be used. The book "the art of war" will be used as reference for AI tactics.

I think ill use the Irrlicht engine.