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THQ Challenge Entry - Squashed_Bug

Hi all,
Here's my entry ...

AI Agents have to make it to the goal zone before the time runs out and without being shot by the sniper. The player takes the role of the sniper and must shoot as many agents as they can.

A Little More Detail:

  • The scene is created with the goal zone in the center and the sniper positioned a few meters above it.
  • The scene gets populated with a random set of objects.
  • Agents are placed randomly.
  • The scene is analyzed to find where it safe for an agent to hide from the sniper and where the agent is able to walk (This will be hardest step).
  • A set of waypoints will then be generated to lead the agents through a clear path to the goal zone.
  • Edges between each waypoints will be assigned some weight, which will be updated frequently and based on a number of variables (i.e distance, time left, where the sniper is looking, number of agents on the edge, does the edge lead to cover?).
  • The A* algorithm will then be used to find the best path to the goal zone.

Development Environment:
This project will be developed in Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition. I'll be using Ogre for the graphics and the Bullet Physics for collision detection.

Submitted by squashed_bug on Mon, 22/09/08 - 6:08 PM Permalink

I created a scene where objects are randomly placed and now I'm working on analysing the scene. So far I've managed to mark where it is safe for agents to stand, which has hopefully ment a lot the math is out of the way. Next will be finding where the waypoints will go and then I can start concentrating on the AI.

An early screenshot showing some objects for agents to hide behind.

A debugging screenshot showing where it is safe for an agent to stand. The green areas are safe and the red areas are where objects are.