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AVP and predator3 movies!!


Is anyone else excited by this news? (Sorry lost the links just do a search)

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Submitted by irous on Mon, 22/07/02 - 10:05 AM Permalink

Coming Attractions is one of my favourite sites for news on upcoming movies.. - Alien vs Predator movie news - Return to Castle Wolfenstein movie news

I didn't know they were making Predator 3 though!.. that would be cool.. I'm not sure about these game-movie tie ins though.. wasn't there supposed to be a Max Payne movie planned also ? I really hope they don't scew up Alien vs Predator...

and I don't care what anyone says.. I want a Pong movie..

Submitted by Fluffy CatFood on Mon, 22/07/02 - 10:17 AM Permalink

Actually, on the subject of games being made into movies, I would love to see thief made into a movie, they would have to focus on story instead of action. (If it were to be made properly) Or even undying

Lead paint: delicious but deadly!

Submitted by irous on Tue, 23/07/02 - 12:43 AM Permalink

Undying would be cool.. A director like Night Shyamalan (6th sense)would be suited for that..
The worst game to movie translation has gotta be Street Fighter.. that was really, really putrid. Unimaginative story, and lack lustre fight scenes.. The game has some really good character history and stories which the movie could have enhanced upon, but they modified it to suit their 'nice and packaged for the movie dummies' story.. Oh, and not to mention Van Damme..

hell yeh, gets my blood going..

Street Fighter 2, the animated movie made up for it though..

Submitted by irous on Tue, 23/07/02 - 11:42 AM Permalink

Oh boy.. anyone remember that ANCIENT arcade game Spyhunter ?.. this was an upward scrolling car game from the mid 80's I think.. it was fun for its time all those years ago. What has this got anything to do with games turning into movies ? Yep, you guessed it..

It's gonna star The Rock (aka the eyebrow guy)... hmmm.. a Pong movie doesn't seem so absurd now...

Submitted by Fluffy CatFood on Thu, 25/07/02 - 4:44 AM Permalink

LOL ha ha Thats a really stupid idea, spyhunter for a movie. Maybe your right, pong will be made into some "extreme" action movie now.

Lead paint: delicious but deadly!