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Requesting feedback on 3D Character models

Hi, Im studying a diploma of screen an media at QANTM college and am after any feedback regarding some of my character models. Cheers

Submitted by pgiang on Wed, 06/08/14 - 4:02 PM Permalink

Hi Louis,

Tennis ball - I like that fuzz effect, it looks good in that lighting. I don't know what your project's context/background, but maybe have round shapes for the eyes to make its facial features more soft/cute.

Character - Good modeling on the body. But the face might need some touching up. Smooth out those cheeks so they look more round with less definition (unless that's what you're going for), and I'm not sure if you used a bump map on the skin but there is an unnatural pattern on her face that look like micro pores. The hair looks good, it would be cool to see a video of it animated.

Tennis racket - You've got a nice shape to it, but maybe you need more touch up on the textures. Add some logos on the frames or even on the strings. The grip can be made out of rubber.

Good job! I hope this feedback help. Which QANTM college are you studying at? Melbourne?



Submitted by Louis McDonnell on Wed, 20/08/14 - 5:16 PM Permalink

Thanks Patrick for your feedback I really appreciate it. I like your idea on making the Tennis ball eyes round, I might have to play around with it. Yeah the girl character had some kind of skin dissorder, I was playing around with bump maps so she needs a bit of refining there. I will post a video of some animations I did with it, we did this for our final project where we had to complete a project from creation to completion and I have just graduated from the course at Brisbane Qantm. Did you study at Qantm? I'm looking for some projects to work on as a 3D character modeller, do you know of any? Thanks again man.

Submitted by pgiang on Wed, 10/09/14 - 11:07 PM Permalink

I'm glad you took my feedback positively. I hope I wasn't being too harsh. I'm looking forward to see your animation as well as future projects.

I don't study at Qantm, but I study at Deakin Melbourne campus in a games degree. Almost done, with 4 weeks to go. With finding 3D projects to work on, it's really tough. I decided to start my own project to work on, and it's going to be a short film for my portfolio. I've got another friend working with me at the moment and we're at the storyboard stage. If you want, I'm looking for someone to give us a hand in 3d modeling with characters and scenes. If you're interested my email is:

If you're not interested, that's fine. What I found that can help you start somewhere else is a place called There you can find a job page where they post all sorts of remote positions and you can work at home, but most of them are volunteering (You got to start somewhere).

I hope the best with your 3d modeling career.

Again, sorry for the late reply.

Cheers mate!