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Introduction + Unity Comp

Posted by Henley on Wed, 30/06/10 - 11:16 PM

Hey there my name is Dave Traeger and I am the executive editor over at DesuraNET. We are an all Aussie company with the goal for world domin..... I mean helping independent and hobbyist game and mod developers get noticed for the work they have spent time and sometimes money into creating for others to enjoy. Currently we have 3 main sites to help you do this, and

We recently launched IndieDB and are encouraging all developers to get on board and promote their game. Big thanks to Unity too for chipping in and offering one Unity iPhone Pro licence (worth $2400) and one Unity Pro licence (worth $1200) to two dedicated and worthy developers. To win the latest indie-friendly engine from Unity, all you need to do is let your work speak for itself by creating a profile for your Unity game on IndieDB! To enter, follow these steps:

1. Create a developer profile for your team (not required if you are the only developer)
2. Create a games profile for your Unity project
3. Fill it up with your work (videos, images, news etc) and developer insight using our powerful profile mangement system
4. Check out your competition, browse Unity powered games on Indie DB
5. Continue updating your profile and email us it's link before July 10 2010
6. On July 15 2010 we shall announce the two winners, as judged by Indie DB and Unity employees

So if you have questions or want more information (even if you want to chinwag) send me an email and I would be more then happy to help out.