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Is it possible to get a news feed of all upcoming job postings specific to your skills?


The subject title says it.
Basically, can we get emailed about artist jobs (if we're artists) or by another's case, programming jobs, etc.

Is this possible? I have no doubt this would be very helpful to someone trying to keep their head down to add to their portfolio in between job searching.

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Submitted by souri on Wed, 10/01/18 - 11:06 AM Permalink

You can get a news feed, but it'll have to be in RSS form. An email subscription method like what you mentioned could be implemented but the RSS way is a much more efficient for the site and still convenient for users (everyone should be using an RSS feed reader to keep an eye out on their favourite sites, devlogs etc!)

The way to get the link to a RSS feed on tsumea should be a lot more obvious, but for the meantime, you get it via the tagging system. So, let's say you open up this job ad for a 3D artist:…

You'll see a clickable link for the 3D Artist tag under the heading:
Job Position type: 3D Artist

Click on that link and you'll get to a page listing all the latest jobs for 3D Artist. Here's where it gets a bit complicated. You'll have to view the page source to get the rss feed link. Search the html source in that page for "" and you'll get the link to add to your RSS feed reader. Here's a few examples.

For 3D Artists, the link would be:
Unity related jobs:
Senior Programmer:
All Sydney related job ads:
All Melbourne related job ads:

It should be a whole lot more easier to access the RSS feed link and I'll see about fixing that sometime, but I've just been pretty busy with my own game dev project.

Submitted by Simon Heggie on Wed, 10/01/18 - 1:07 PM Permalink

The effort separates those who want a job, to those who NEED a job :)