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Find Staff

You can get listed on tsumea's "Find Staff" page to let potential employers know that you are available for work! Follow the brief instructions below on how to get listed!

Get listed: Find Staff

To list yourself as available for work in the Find Staff list, click on "My Account" on the top of the site to get to your profile page on tsumea. Click on the "Work" tab and select which "Skills" apply to you on the left (you can choose multiple options here). On the right hand side in "Field", type in what field you are in .eg 3D Artist, 2D Artist, Game Programmer etc. These options are essential for employers to find the people with the skills they need, so fill them in!

In "Available for projects", select which what capacity you are available for work (Fulltime and/or Contract). Additionally, selecting Commercial Collaborations (revenue share) and Other Collaborations (non paid, Game Jam / Volunteer kind of work) will help you get found in the Members page.

Get listed: Recent/Upcoming Graduates (part 1)

To get listed in the Recent or Upcoming Graduates list, do the above steps first. Then go to the Industry page on tsumea, select "Education" as the "Type" category in the Industry listing. It'll show all the official Educational Institutions accounts registered on tsumea. If you see your place of study here, click on their avatar to get on their page. If they're not here, they'll need to register a presence on tsumea.

Get listed: Recent/Upcoming Graduates (part 2)

On your selected Educational Institution page, select the green "Education" icon. You'll be taken to a page where you can fill in "Skills" (what software and skills you learnt at your place of study) and Field (what your field of study is/was)

In the Date section, enter the Date that you started your studies, and the End Date if you have graduated or know your graduation date in advance. If you don't know that date yet, you can leave it to enter at a later date, however the Graduates listing needs your graduation date to list you.

Click on the "Create Education Connection" to complete the process. If you wish to update these details at a later date, you can redo Part 1.


ADDITIONAL NOTES: Please make sure you have relevant contact details and/or website links on your page so that employers know how to contact you! We do also strongly recommend you showing some of your work on your page on tsumea. No one is interested in looking at an empty profile! Good luck!