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Integration Engineer - C++ or SDK or Unreal Engine or Unity or C# (video games)

Games Developer from Australia, Victoria

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Experience is a fast-growing, early-stage startup backed by leading gaming venture capital firms, working to bring user-generated content (UGC) to games and their players. The platform supports over 450,000 daily active users, and we are seeking a Integration Engineer to help us build the industry's best interface for exploring and installing UGC, that will be embedded in some of the largest games in the world.


The popularity of in-game content is exploding, it’s in more games and on more platforms than ever before. We are at the forefront of providing a service that allows game developers to serve UGC to players in-game through the integration of our plugins that can be customized and embedded into games of all shapes and sizes.

So if you enjoy solving for an interface that will be used by thousands of concurrent players, to share incredible creations from the community, then is the place for you.

Your Responsibilities

You will lead the development of the open source plugins that assists game developers with integrating the service in their game:

  • Develop a complete SDK solution that allows developers to easily interface with the service, wrapping HTTP Requests, implementing cache and download management, and providing an interface that reduces time-to-integration.
  • Develop an Unity or Unreal Engine Plugin that provides a simple interface for the SDK to be used in Unity or Unreal Engine, that includes blueprints and engine-specific modifications.
  • Work alongside our core API and web developers to provide insightful feedback and suggestions on how we can improve from the perspective of game development.
  • Manage feedback and communication with partners and other developers to foster a responsive and task-oriented support system.
  • Test and implement your design on Linux, Mac, Windows, consoles and mobile to create a cross-platform solution.
  • Create a defensive, robust solution that fails gracefully, caches smartly to minimize API calls and provides useful logging to allow developers to debug.
  • Keep your house clean, your code will be open sourced on GitHub and must be well documented for our community to fork and adapt as they need.

Your Experience

We are looking for an experienced developer with the following:

  • 3+ years of experience in game programming.
  • 2+ years of C++ or C# experience and an understanding of building dynamically linked libraries.
  • At least one year of experience working with Unreal Engine or Unity.
  • A basic understanding of HTTP Requests and cross-platform development requirements.
  • Working in a team using task-management software.
  • Excitement to dig in and experiment, with real attention to detail.

It would be awesome if you also have:

  • Implemented for SteamWorks, GOG Galaxy, or a current-gen console.
  • A passion for video games and an understanding of the unique challenges UGC presents us and similar businesses like Youtube and Steam.
  • JIRA experience.


  • Remote working is actively supported.
  • Competitive salary plus equity.
  • Flexible working hours and family-friendly considerations.
  • Sit-stand desks, 27” monitor, ergonomic chairs.
  • Thursday lunch and Friday afternoon social events.
  • Experience new games, digital and tabletop.
  • Attend international gaming conferences.
  • Contributing to open-source on Github.
  • Pet friendly office.
  • Located in Melbourne, Australia. World’s most liveable city seven years in a row.

Apply Now

This is a full time role. You can work remotely or from our office in Melbourne, Australia. If you fit the criteria and the job description sounds exciting, then please get in touch via and provide:

  • Your CV.
  • A sample of your source code for a piece of C++ or C# work with a short description on what makes it great, interesting, or surprising.
  • Two games development project examples (may include the C++ or C Sharp work above) and a description of your role.