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Audio Director

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MITA Studios

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Thursday, 17 February, 2022 - 9:27 PM
Application Deadline:


- Art Director

- Audio Director

​We are looking to appoint two additional co-founders to join our Game Director, Technical Director and Development Director on the leadership team.  As a co-founder, you will immediately be in a position to influence the design, direction, and culture of the studio. 

​As the leaders of the Art and Audio discipline, you will be responsible for creating the unique and iconic visual and audio style of the Project MITA universe, heavily contributing to our lofty goal of establishing a definitive gameplay brand and IP in market.  Leading by demonstration, you will be committed to bringing the art and audio team inline with this visual and audio style to ensure consistency. 

We want to talk to you if you are talented and passionate about starting and building your own high-potential game studio. This is truly one of those life changing opportunities!


  • This is a HANDS-ON role. We ALL work in-engine. We are all builders.

  • Rapid prototyping and extreme iteration based on early playtesting.

  • Spearhead pre-production activities and production planning.

  • Manage and lead the art and audio teams.

  • Deliver previz portfolio and technical proof of concept.


  • Working knowledge of Unreal Engine.

  • At least 5 years experience in the PC / Console game industry.

  • Demonstrable experience in developing and publishing video games.


  • Very high equity & profit-share; plus competitive salary during production.

  • True exponential exposure to the upside with no financial downside risk.


We made it very easy, simply fill out the form below! If you are the right person, you'll know it and we will know it.