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Chaos Theory is looking for an experienced producer to join our Sydney based game development studio.

The position will see you manage the development of multiple products while helping shape the internal and external processes of our growing team. You will be directly interacting with clients, managing the production team, and facilitating the delivery of a wide variety of interactive digital products, with a particular focus on games for change, serious games, and mobile games.

We are open to remote applications, but have a preference for applicants based in Sydney or willing to relocate.


‍Why Chaos Theory

  • A role that works with your lifestyle: flexible working hours, a mix of work-from-office and work-from-home, optional 4 or 5-day schedules, a centrally-based office.
  • No crunch, no overtime. We have never asked anyone to work on a weekend. You don’t need to justify if you want to take an afternoon off or come in late, so long as you are achieving your goals and supporting your team.
  • Create games with impact; go beyond entertainment. We are working on projects to improve primary school education, improve the lives of sufferers with chronic illnesses, educate the next generation of internet users, and more.
  • Winner of Serious Game of The Year 2019 and 2021 at the Australian Game Developer Awards.
  • Create games that players love! Our games have been downloaded over 70+ million times.
  • Got a side project? Awesome! We encourage team members to pursue their personal interests, and don’t restrict anyone from working on their own game outside of work.
  • Strong company community with regular (and optional) board / video game nights, games club (like book club, but games!), workshops and mentoring opportunities,  company-supplied Friday lunches, and other social events. 
  • We’re invested in your personal growth. We offer 1-on-1 check-ins every fortnight, quarterly goal setting, monthly personal development days, and personal career roadmaps.
  • A small team (~20 people) with many opportunities to shape the projects you work on and the team you work with. Everyone participates in changing our team's processes!
  • We've achieved a carbon-neutral status by planting over 3,000 trees and using 100% renewable power. Our next goal is to offset the carbon emissions for everyone on our team, both at work and at home.
  • We value and nurture an open and inclusive work environment. A diverse team is a resilient team and one that usually comes up with the best ideas!


Your Responsibilities

  • Project Management: managing the budget, schedule, and resources for the project, and ensuring that the team is on track to deliver the game on time and within budget.
  • Team Management: overseeing the development team, ensuring that everyone is working together efficiently and effectively. You must also manage conflicts, delegate tasks, and provide support as needed.
  • Communication: liase between the development team, the client, and other stakeholders, communicating the project's status, goals, and challenges. This may involve creating low-fidelity design documentation (briefs, mockups, flow diagrams) to communicate project requirements.
  • Backlog: creating and maintaining the project backlog by dividing the larger features and milestones into individual pieces of work assigned to team members. You are responsible for defining acceptance criteria for individual work items, prioritizing the work based on what’s next to be delivered, and ensuring that team members are unblocked.
  • Risk Management: identify potential risks and develop contingency plans to minimize their impact on the project.
  • Budgeting: work with the financial team to create a budget for the project and ensure that resources are being used effectively.
  • Marketing and Sales: involved in the marketing and sales efforts for the game, working with the marketing team to create a launch strategy and coordinate promotional activities.
  • Quality Control: ensure that the game meets the necessary quality standards, making sure that it meets with scope and quality expectations.
  • Present new ideas relating to development processes, tools and learning and development of our people.



  • 2+ years experience producing or developing games (or equivalent entertainment / software products).
  • A strong understanding of game production and agile processes. Experience using Unity is highly desirable.
  • Excellent project management skills with experience using project management tools like Jira, Trello, Asana, etc.
  • Experience managing multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Highly organized with great time management skills.
  • A confident communicator; with precise and clear verbal and written communications.
  • A commitment to working in a professional, inclusive, and supportive environment.
  • Excellent people management skills. An ability to resolve problems and work with a diverse team.
  • Excellent decision-making skills. Able to evaluate trade-offs between the love triangle of good / fast / cheap and determine the best path forward.
  • A passion to grow, and to help the team grow.
  • A love for games!

You must have a portfolio with previous work to be considered. Please include samples of your work that we can play or watch.

We are striving to create an open and inclusive workplace culture, and encourage all eligible candidates to apply.

At this time, we do not sponsor VISAs.


If you would like to apply for the role, please visit the link below.