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Connection & Division

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Julius Bangert


I was commissioned to design an exhibition for the Inniskillings Museum, in conjunction with the Fermanagh County Museum and the Tower Museum, Londonderry. ‘Connection and Division’ challenged preconceptions and highlighted hidden histories for the period 1910-1930 within the western border region. Because it was an exhibition spread across two physical locations, a continuity for the archive objects from both museums was needed. My role was to design and create a series of touch screen access points where the visiting public could view and explore objects from the collective archives at both museum sites. I created an online management system where the museum curators from either site could add and edit objects. This integrated with a kiosk iPad application displayed in custom enclosures at the museums. My process was :

  • Created a management system for storing information and media relating to each archive object.
  • Digitised and cleaned up old photographs, postcards and letters.
  • Designed and built a natively packaged web application to showcase the objects.
  • Assisted in designing a custom iPad enclosure which was CNC cut from acrylic and mounted on stands in the exhibitions.