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Miranda Veloren

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Kong Lam


This is a character concept I created for the Indie title, "INT" ( To get an idea on the type of person that she is, I wrote the following excerpt (warning: adult content contained within):

“Miranda Veloren.

Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in awhile. Used to hang out at the old Dive bar out West, along with all the other scumbags of Haven. Shot herself so full of Chems she’d be flying with the hover cars, man!

But damn if she wasn’t hot.

Tried to take advantage of the situation, you know me. Thought I’d get lucky.

Oh, boy, did I get lucky.

Lucky to have escaped with only a broken nose and a fractured jaw! Packs a mean punch, that girl. Only later did I discover… she’s ex-Merc. And not just the ones who dress up to go to a fancy costume party. No, man, she’s The. Real. Deal. How she ended up in this shit-hole I have no idea.

My advice, kid?

Stay the fack away from her. One day she’ll get you killed… or kill herself.”