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My First Post Here!

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Hi everyone, this is my very first post here on Tsumea, this is still an ongoing work in progress at the moment as I've been recruited as a 3D Modeler. I was recent recruited in the project two months ago and we've made many great progress with our halo fan game. We've made plenty of weapons that people remember and love from past halo games and we've finally entered into the first phase of human models! I'll be posting the fan game update here on models I've worked on and hope to keep people interested. You can find the rest of my weapon models I made within my artstation which I've also linked with my sketchfab submissions so you can freely look and analyze the model.
Low Poly Build - 3DS Max
UV Unwrap - 3DS Max
High Poly Detail - Zbrush
Baking and Texturing - Substance Painter