Team Fortress 2 workshop designs: Mad Dog

I'm very new here, and so I thought I'd show some stuff I've been a part of that's... Vaguely game related!

This is something I'm working on with a group of people on the FacePunch Emporium, being a cosmetic set for the Scout in Team Fortress 2. The Mad Dog set is a Japanese hitman/assassin set, made to make even the most obnoxious, Boston-based merc look very edgy with the help of some expensive designer clothes and an ancient Kitsune mask you pinched from a history museum (At least that's what you say to your friends, when in reality you bought it for five bucks from a street merchant. Even then, you were still overcharged...)

Once the set becomes available on the Workshop, I'll see to it that I update this with a link to it as soon as I can~!