Tsumea Modeller Challenge #10 - Viktor 'Thanatos' Mastin

Name: Abbey Miranda
Polycount: 3595 tris

a bit of a back story of the character:

Much is not known about the past of Thanatos. There are records of his association with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Illuminates of Thanateros. It is said that even the infamous Aleister Crowley feared his very presence.

Mastin regards Gotham City as "a breeding ground for viral magick symbols that are at the same time self-obsessed and death-crazed...", which would explain why he setup base for his Mindworks corporation, a leader in technological innovation in this "city of freaks". He sports a fascination for Wayne enterprises and the man at its helm, Bruce Wayne.

He is a highly regarded occult practitioner, a modern day shaman and believes that the human mind is the ultimate weapon.

Mastin is a paradox of a man. While remaining both cold and calculated, he is also a child of chaos. He has traveled to many parts of the world in search for occult knowledge. His motivations, like his past are filled with shadows and mystery.

A man of technology and science, he sports a variety of lethal weaponry, from his trusty blade, to his favorite, the dart gun, loaded with Datura stramonium extract, a known deliriant, which induces hallucinations, psychosis and even death in his victims and leaves behind a Hermetic Talisman pierced into their skin.