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I have been interested in this comp for a while now and this weekend I have finally pulled my finger out.

This is what I have so far....

Basically so far his name is PANE aka Guy Patterson.
He was a gifted artist specialising in glass. One fate filled night whilst putting the finishing touches on the masterpiece that would forever stamp his name in the pages of history tradgedy struck.
The war between Batman and The Joker had finally cime to an explosive end that distroyed nearly three city blocks, including Guy's studio.
The explosion shattered his masterpiece and sent shards of glass from his sculpture through what was left of his studio.

Miraculously Guy survuved but his body had been ripped to shreds by his sculpture. Having lost everything in the explosion Guy vowed to seek revenge on society and the man that cost him everything. The Joker was dead but Batman will soon be in a world of PANE.

OK so that is the back story. but now PANE having kept a love for art from a previous life sets to work on his new creations. His art however has now taken a macabre and sadistic turn.

Keeping his victums alive through torture he slowly dips their bodies into molten glass, forever preserving their burnt remains twisted in pain behind glass.

His calling card is a body part from is previous victum preserved in the same manner.

Well there he is. I have concepted him and started with the 3D. Please feel free to make comments and any crits are welcome.



Submitted by Duncan Fraser on Tue, 23/09/08 - 8:53 AM Permalink


Firstly, Thanks for the props guys.

Secondly I need to post a WIP of my work. I have knocked out a simple base mesh ready for some sculpting and started with the head. His body is going to be covered in scars but I think I am going to handle those with a second pass. First pass is to get the majority of the sculpting done.

Thanks again guys, and again comments and crits more than welcome.