Looking for work.

I found this site through a comment left on the ScreenPlay blog on The Age website.

Anyway, I guess I'll do the mandatory "about myself" here.
I finished studying my Games Technology course at La Trobe at the end of last year.
The day I finished I was offered a casual job writing web code for a company
(not that I'd really written much web code before...)
I finished with that job a month ago today. Now I'm looking to get into games.

I did study to make games after all...

I'm finding it hard to even get a foot in anywhere though.
The best luck I've had is when I've applied for jobs directly through the companies themselves
(recruitment agencies really suck).
But when I say luck, I mean I get a reply email saying:
"We'll forward this off to the appropriate department." or something similar.

My biggest hinderance would be the lack of connections (read: no connections) I have within games companies.
Another one would be that I don't think my programs are polished enough to really generate that much interest.

I know I have the skills necessary.
I just need a foot in the door to show someone.

The images I've added are from the game I developed last year called NET Assault.

- Have Fun.