Back at it again

Well, it has been AGES since I last did any hobby stuff, but in my spare time I have been reading columns about game engines and really finding it interesting so here I am, AGAIN!!!
This is the first version of an Graphics Engine that I'm putting together, more of a proof of concept.

Update: Have added billboarding to this project as well as increased the size of the height map that can be read in. It now splits the terrain into chunks and renders each separately. Next task is to implement LOD

Update: Fixed a couple of glitches with sky box edges and the chunks were not being built correctly. Added a more advanced shader for the water (The water is not using a texture, this is being made in the Shader),

Update 26/8/08: Added Frustum Culling

Update 2/9/08: Pretty much done with this project now. I have learned a lot so I am going to uses this to better define an engine that I can use to make other stuff (Actually implement game mechanics).


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Any details about where you'd like to go with it, what things you are looking at trying and testing etc?

Always good to have actually got something happening though - i find it so easy to get bogged down with big plans and end up achieving 1% of what I have in mind.

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I basically want to develop something that I can use as a base to develop advanced concepts. At the moment I'm looking at different LOD algorithms (ROAM, Geomipmapping) that I can use.
Also, want to add a bit of scripting to it so that I can make a nice looking demo.
At worst, I'm learning a lot from it (the hard way)