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Year of the Ox - released!

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We've been trying ourselves out with iphone platform, and decided to start off with a small game. We bought a license for Unity3D.
Our game went up to appstore just yesterday and is now on sale!
There's just 3 of us working on this, we're students from Auckland, New Zealand.
The game is a simple arcade-action based, with a very neat fireworks simulator aside. Themed around Chinese New Year, the mini-world is styled around that. You're in control of an Ox (represents 2009) and you gota stomp onto rats (represents 2008) as theres swarms of them around the place. Get the best time.

more screenshots and details at the game website >

Submitted by irous on Tue, 03/02/09 - 7:44 PM Permalink

Congratulations on getting a game done and published! How was it like working with Unity 3D?