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Ahh, the holidays..



Hmm.. well, I have been working on my admin work over at I have been looking into jobs (to no avail) and I have been trying to assist over here at tsumea (might get me into the eyes of a game developer). Oh, and I am in the process of designing 2 games.. But it doesn't look like thats going well..

Anyway, time for.. games, or tv... or bed.. or food! yay! or.. no, maybe drink.. hmm.. all of the above! woo!

(Disregard previous line, it was silly.. so, "Right, right, stop it. This film's (blog) got silly. Started off with a nice little idea about grannies attacking young men (actually, it didn't), but now it's got silly.(like I said earlier). PS: Disregard this line too.)